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A team of experts, specialists for eye diseases ZONA VIDA VESELINOVIC clinics will help you learn if your eyes are healthy or discover the first symptoms of the disease!
Prof. Dr Dragan Veselinović

Prof. Dragan Veselinovic, MD PhD.

Dragan Veselinovic was born on 20 March 1954 in Zajecar. He enrolled at Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis in the academic year 1972/1973 and completed his studies in 1979 as one of the best students of his generation.
Dr Kristina Stojanović

Kristina Stojanovic MD

Kristina Stojanovic, MD was born on 08 June 1974 in Skopje. She has been employed at “ZONA VIDA VESELINOVIC” since 2012.

Dr Ivona Trajković

Ivona Trajković MD

Ivona Trajkovic MD was born in Nis on 16 October 1973. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1999 with the GPA 8.81.

Gordana Skuletic MD

Specialist in Anesthesiology

Dr Aleksandar Veselinović

Aleksandar Veselinovic MD

Specialist in Ophthalmology

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Slađana Dinić


Tamara Damnjanović